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category: General Knowledge
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What does the shaalaa.com online tests platform provide you with?
  • The best possible technique to practice online tests
  • Increase your familiarity and speed using a computer
  • The confidence to appear for any entrance exam
  • All of the above

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test namedatedurationscorename
CAT Practice Test 114835120052m 55s-3Amit Dhiman
CAT Practice Test 114835118991m 9s1Amit Dhiman
CAT Practice Test 1147806848511m 23s1Chithesh Chithu
GMAT Problem Solving 114769246687s0Prateek Bothra
CAT Practice Test 114765096551m 11s3Subray Hegde
CAT Practice Test 1147487453736s3अनिमेष साळुखे.
GMAT Problem Solving 114707196352m 39s28Amit Yadav
CAT Practice Test 114707190106m 49s-21Amit Yadav
CAT Practice Test 114702881531m 44s-4Vinay Tiwari
CAT Practice Test 114689217962m 37s-16Aditya Shete
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